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Welcome to Legiit Reviews, where we supply a regular roundup of consumer evaluations of services offered by sellers on Legiit.
Whether you're aiming to purchase links, material, social signals, or more, you do not want to squander loan on unknown sellers or scam artists. That's why our objective is to separate the wheat from the chaff, so that you can feel great in every dollar spent on services at Legiit.

But initially, whether you have actually never heard of Legiit or you simply have not explored it much, let's start Legiit Reviews with a no rubbish evaluation of Legiit itself.

Legiit Overview
Legiit is the development of web marketing superstar, Chris Walker. Chris is the founder of Superstar SEO, and he was the primary seller of SEO services on Konker. He developed Legiit as an alternative to freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Konker, and Upwork.

Because its launch in February of 2018, Legiit has actually stuck out from its competitors mainly due its community-driven method and strong seller advantages.

Legiit-- The Pros
At Legiit Reviews, we use services on Legiit regularly and are all about assisting you discover the very best services, so here's our take on why Legiit is worth your factor to consider.

Neighborhood Driven Platform
If you purchase or sell on Fiverr, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour, you probably have no idea who you are working with from, who runs business, or why anybody needs to be trusted beyond the brand name of the platform.

That's extremely various on Legiit. Nearly everybody selling on Legiit is a member of Chris's facebook group or one of his other social media places. The majority of the buyers are too. This creates a small town feel that you can't find on any other freelance market.

In addition, Legiit's function demand form strengthens this community by providing users a location to recommend and upvote concepts to make the platform even much better. In less than 6 months since their launch, Legiit has already executed numerous of these user tips into their platform.

While the strong sense of neighborhood helps protect buyers and provide them with top more info notch services, sellers are also flocking to the platform since they can lastly discover a location that treats them with the regard they should have. Chris grew his superstar universe as a freelancer, and the way he runs Legiit makes it clear that he has actually not forgotten his roots.

Here are a couple of examples of how Legiit pays it forward to sellers:

10% Seller's Cost. Sellers make 90% of what they charge. This is unusual on freelance platforms. The majority of charge 20% and almost nobody is lower than 15%.

Featured Service. Each week, the Legiit team selects one outstanding service to be featured. The winner gets a shout out on Chris's numerous social channels, a YouTube video evaluation, an e-mail blast to the Super star universe, and a quite awesome Legiit t-shirt to boot.

Legiit-- The Cons
At Legiit Reviews, we don't turn a blind eye to the negative side of services or products. Nothing is perfect, and we want to talk about one of of Legiit's downsides because we don't ever want to provide our audience with anything but 100% honest reviews.

While Legiit has already made huge enhancements to their messaging system given that launch, it still has a methods to precede taking on the giants like Fiverr. One problem, for instance, happens when a client messages you within an order.

If you go directly to the order conversation, everything works fine. However if you see the message from within your inbox, there is no indication that it belongs to any order in particular. If the buyer is referencing order details, it can get quite complicated, and there's no easy way to jump to the relevant order to get some context.

Final Decision-- Legiit Evaluation
Legiit is by far the very best platform for buyers and sellers of everything that internet marketers require: copywriting, logo designs, animated videos, backlinks, and more. While they have actually undoubtedly still got some growing pains due to being so recently launched, Legiit's commitment to customer service and neighborhood development as much as this point has us persuaded that any disadvantages are only temporary.

So if you're thinking about buying on the best freelance market on the internet, have a look at some of our Legiit reviews before you do to make certain you're just selecting the best of the best.

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